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How to Care for Spandex

How to Care for Spandex

Spandex is a highly durable fabric, and one of our favorites because it provides stretch and movement! Getting our bodies active during the warmer months can be super enjoyable (and quite a relief after the winter months!) If your exercise clothes are starting to need some TLC though, we are here to help.

Step 1

Pretreat stains

If those fibers are really trapping some stink, let them soak in the sink in a solution of cool water and 1 cup baking soda for a minimum of 30 minutes.

soaking spandex in the sink

Step 2

Prep the washer

Toss an Active Wash Laundry Pod into the bottom of the machine. 

Step 3


Set the washing machine’s settings so it runs on the gentle cycle and uses cold or cool water.

selecting washing cycle for spandex

Step 4


The heat of a clothes dryer can damage elastane fibers. Opt to air-dry if you can! If you must use a machine, set it as low as possible, and remove the clothing while still slightly damp.

Extra Tips

Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing spandex.


Products to treat Spandex stain:
Active Wash Laundry Pod