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How to Care for Silk

How to Care for Silk

Silk is a favorite fabric of ours, and always feels so luxurious to wear! But taking care of it can feel daunting. No matter how long you’ve owned your silk item, refreshing yourself on how to best tend to it is always a good idea!

Step 1

Hand wash for the first wash

You can do this by dissolving a Small Load Sensitive Skin pod in a basin of cold water. (Our Sensitive Skin pods are formulated free of harsh enzymes so they are gentle enough to be used on silk and will not harden the fibers.) Hang to dry.

adding detergent pod to a sink of water

Step 2

For following washes, use a mesh bag

You can wash silk in the washing machine as long as it is washed with like fabrics and in a Large Mesh Bag.

adding silk to a mesh bag

Step 3

Use a delicate setting

Select your delicate setting and wash on cold. Use a Sensitive Skin Detergent Pod and avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or optical brighteners so that you don't damage the fibers.

adding detergent pod to washing machine

Step 4

Hang to dry, or dry without heat

If you choose to hang outside, avoid direct sunlight. If you prefer the dryer, keep the silk item in the large washing bag and select the air setting with no heat and no dryer sheet! Silk repels moisture and should dry very quickly.

selecting dryer setting

Products to use:
Small Load Sensitive Skin Pods