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How to Care for Linen

How to Care for Linen

Linen has been a popular choice for summer clothes for a few years now. But do you know how to keep it in good enough condition to stand the test of time? This beautiful material needs gentle care, but washing and drying it isn’t too complicated.

Step 1

Separate your linens

The washing machine will damage linen with a looser weave, so your best bet is to hand wash these. Tightly woven linen can be washed in the washing machine.

sorting out linen garments

Step 2

Hand wash loose-weave linen

Fill the sink with warm water and a gentle detergent. (We recommend our Sensitive Skin Pods). Let the pod fully dissolve, and wait for the water to become lukewarm before adding the linen. Use a gentle swishing motion to clean. Do not twist or scrub the fabric as this can damage it.

adding detergent pod to sink of water

Step 3

Machine wash tightly woven linen

Always wash your linen clothes on your machine’s gentle cycle, and use as much water as possible. Select a warm/cold setting. Unless your linen clothes were sold as pre-washed you should expect them to shrink a bit after the first wash. This is normal!

selecting washing setting

Step 4


We recommend you dry your linen clothes flat, as hangers can cause dents in the fabric. You can also tumble dry your linen clothes, as long as you stick to low temperatures! If you prefer this method, just make sure you remove them from the dryer when still slightly damp to avoid the linen becoming stiff.

laying linen out to dry

Products to care for Linen:
Sensitive Skin Pods