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How to Care for Cotton

How to Care for Cotton

Cotton is one of the most reliable and commonly used fabrics in your closet. Caring for it is fairly simple, and for this we are grateful! But it’s great to review the best steps for maintaining cotton from time to time so that every tee shirt or pair of jeans that you adore can last for years and years.

Step 1

Pretreat stains

Fill a basin with warm water and drop in one Oxi Booster Pod. Once it’s dissolved you can dunk the stained part of your garment in and let it sit until the stain loosens.

adding oxi booster pod to sink of water

Step 2

Select water temperature

Cold water is the best for most cotton items to prevent shrinkage, stretching, and color bleeding. However items worn or used in close contact to the body (underwear, socks, pajamas, bed linens, bath towels) should be washed in hot water to remove bacteria, body soil, and bodily fluids.

setting washing machine

Step 3

Choose wash cycle

Cotton can be washed on just about any cycle. Normal works well for most garments and linens. If the cotton garment is made of lace or embellished, it’s best to choose the gentle cycle, or to wash by hand.

adding detergent pod to washing machine

Step 4


If your cotton is excessively wrinkly, use a medium hot iron and always iron on the wrong side of the cotton fabric.

ironing fabric

Step 5


Though airtight plastic containers work short-term for cotton items (and carpet beetles can't get into plastic), these items do need to breathe longer term, so choose fabric storage containers and place them in cool, dry, dark spaces, or hang them in your closet. Avoid storing cotton items in attics and basements where temperatures and humidity fluctuate.

hanging up cotton shirts

Extra Tips

Fabric Softener Pods will make the cotton fibers feel softer and may reduce some wrinkling. Try to wash cotton less frequently, especially denim, to maintain its shape, color, and quality. To prevent clothes from fading, wash garments inside out, don't overstuff your washer, and try to use cold water if possible.


Products to care for Cotton:

Oxi Boost Pod, Detergent Pod, Fabric Softener Pod