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How to Care for Cashmere

How to Care for Cashmere

Oh how we love our cozy cozy cashmere! As one of the most luxurious winter fabrics, it’s important we take good care of these pieces so they will stand the test of time. Follow these steps for washing, drying, and storing your cashmere so it can keep you warm for years and years.

Step 1

Prepare to hand wash

Fill a sink or basin with warm water; never use hot water—it can cause your cashmere to shrink!

filling sink with warm water

Step 2

Toss in your detergent

Add a detergent pod to the water (Sensitive Skin Small Loads pods are perfect for hand washing!) and swish it around in the water until it dissolves completely.

adding detergent pod to sink of warm water

Step 3

Add your item

Turn your garment inside out and submerge it into the water, lightly pressing the fabric until it is completely soaked. Swish the garment around and gently work the detergent through the fabric.

adding fabric to sink of water

Step 4


Drain the water, and then refill the basin with clear, tepid water and rinse until there are no suds left.

Step 5

Ring out the water

Gently press (don’t wring!) the excess water out of your garment and then lay it flat on a clean, dry towel. Roll the towel up with your garment inside, lightly squeezing along the way to absorb as much water as possible.

rolling cashmere out on a towel

Step 6


Lay flat or on a garment rack to dry completely. Be sure not to hang or use clothespins while it is still wet; delicate fabric like cashmere can stretch out when wet.

cashmere laying out to dry

Step 7


When storing your cashmere garments, always make sure they are completely clean and dry first. Any moisture or dirt can attract moths and yucky smells. Store your sweaters by folding them carefully (hanging for long periods of time can cause stretching in the shoulders) and keeping them in a cool, dry space.

folding cashmere and prepping to store

Products to use: Sensitive Skin Small Loads pods