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How to Care for Canvas

How to Care for Canvas

Canvas is a pretty sturdy material. But that doesn’t mean that caring for it properly isn’t still important! Weather you have canvas shoes, pants, or jackets, here’s how to keep it clean and long lasting:

Step 1

Pretreat stains

Mix into a bucket one gallon of warm water with one Oxi Booster Pod. Submerge a washcloth into the bucket, and gently rub the solution all over the item. Rinse with cool water.

adding oxi pod to bucket of water

Step 2


Toss item into the wash with a Stain & Odor Pod with hot water. Wash with like colors and fabrics only.

Step 3


Cotton and linen can withstand tumble drying with high heat, but canvas items (such as tennis shoes or tote bags) should be air-dried to preserve shape.

Step 4


Store in open air, cool and dry environments. Storing canvas in plastic encourages yellowing and can trap mildew-causing moisture so avoid this method to avoid bugs!

clothes hanging 

Products to treat Canvas stain:
Stain & Odor Laundry Pod, Oxi Boost Pod