How To Create A Custom Link

This post illustrates how to create a custom affiliate link. A custom affiliate link could be directed to a specific product or bundle as well as a blog post. See the video below or scroll down for written instructions


#1 Log into your Dropps Impact Radius account

#2 Look to the right hand side of the portal to find the Create A Link box.

#3 Open a new tab and navigate to the page you would like to create an affiliate link for. Copy this url

#4 Return to the Impact Radius portal and paste the url into the Create A Link box that is located under the Dropps pull down menu

#5 Click Create

#6 If you would like to change the look of the link click on the small pencil icon in the box located under Use This Link To Promote Drops.

#7 You can only change the code located after the / 

#8 Click the green checkmark to complete

#9 Copy and use for your campaign

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