Affiliate Marketing For Facebook

According to Social Media Today, the average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook. Compare that time to 15 minutes per day on Instagram.

Additionally, based on my personal experience of running multiple affiliate programs, Facebook generates higher conversions for affiliate marketing campaigns. Links are easier to find including affiliate links. 

Below are tips to the most out of your Facebook campaigns

Use Your Business Page

Yes,  Fan Pages have their challenges when it comes to audience reach. However, it is only Fan Pages that offer the ability to “boost” a post. A boost can be to your existing audience which is the most affordable or to a target audience. Either way, a boost can get more eyes on your post.

Get Visual

While Facebook may not be as image intensive as Instagram, images can still be used to get someone’s attention. Images with faces, specifically yours, have the best results. Don't be shy and get in front of that camera ;)

Go Live

At Social Media World 2019, the one thing I heard in every Facebook session is the importance of Facebook Live and videos uploaded directly to Facebook.  Now is not the time to be camera shy. Don’t worry about trying to look perfect. Just be your amazing and engaging self. Share your passion and experience for green living and Dropps. Your passion is contagious! Be sure to show people what the pods look like, that they are effective and affordable.


Engage with your followers. Ask your followers questions and request their answers in the Comment section below. Offer advice and encouragement on their Comments and Posts. Social media is all about engaging and learning from each other.

Share On Your Personal Profile.

Don’t forget to use your Page’s share function to share your Page post to your personal Profile. Facebook’s algorithms do not affect personal Profiles. Personal profiles are a great way to reach out to friends and family who are interested in supporting your business.

Since Facebook’s algorithm shifted to encourage more advertisement, many influencers have started to use their Facebook Profile as a marketing tool. In fact, when I mention it on my Page, I refer to my personal Profile in quotes. I avoid controversial topics on my Profile knowing these types of posts may offend my audience, in my case affiliates. This is an individual decision based on how tightly aligned your blog is with your personal views.

Create a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are a great way to create an engaging community and be seen within Facebook’s algorithm. When someone opts into a Facebook Group, the person is ready and willing to engage with you. Pick a Facebook Group topic that you are passionate about such as Green Living Moms or Eco-Friendly Life Hackers.

Facebook does require your followers an extra step for your posts to be seen in their feed. We recommend similar to the copy below to ensure your post are seen. Once someone has joined your group, we find a Pinned Post with this content is enough education to increase visibility.

“Facebook is making things harder for groups like ours. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any of <this great content be specific here like sports updates, sales, etc> , please complete the following steps.”

  1. Click the “Following” icon for more options
    2. Click “Edit Notification Settings”
    3. You’ll see that it’s probably set to “Highlights”
    4. Switch to “Standard” (you won’t ever get more than 5 updates in a day)

ON DESKTOP: Click the “Notifications” button directly under the cover photo and select “All Posts”

With your followers engaged and your posts accessible, follow the same steps as listed for regular Facebook posts